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Unleashing the Power of Unconventional Thinking

Who We are

At Creative Misfits, we’re not your typical marketing agency. We’re a team of creative rebels who approach marketing, branding, and creativity with an outside-the-box mindset. Our passion for thinking differently drives us to help small to medium-sized businesses unleash their full potential and stand out in a crowded market.

  • Founded in 2018 in Tampa Bay, Florida, our team of misfits has been helping businesses succeed through unconventional thinking and creativity.
  • We specialize in custom WordPress website design, social media marketing, reputation management, email marketing, branding, and geofence marketing (coming soon).
  • We believe that every business has a unique personality and story to tell. That’s why we create custom solutions tailored to each client’s specific needs and goals.
  • Our Misfit-themed approach to marketing and branding has helped numerous businesses stand out in their industries and achieve their growth and revenue goals.
  • When you work with Creative Misfits, you’re not just working with an agency – you’re working with a team of passionate and dedicated misfits who will do whatever it takes to help your business succeed.

Our unconventional approach to marketing and branding sets us apart from the rest. Contact us today to see how we can help your business unleash its full potential.

Our Services

How We Help

If you are looking for a trusted and experienced partner to help you build and market your brand, the team here at Creative Misfits  are here to help!

Creative Misfits Website Design Services

Our Custom Misfit Sites are designed to showcase your unique brand personality and stand out in a crowded online space. We use the latest WordPress technology to create visually stunning and user-friendly websites that capture your audience's attention and generate leads

Creative Misfits Social Media Marketing Services

Our Misfit Social Connect service helps you connect with your audience on social media platforms in a way that's unique and memorable. We create engaging content and develop a strategy that aligns with your brand's personality, helping you build authentic relationships with your followers and drive more traffic to your website.

At Creative Misfits, we understand that your reputation is everything. That's why our Misfit Reputation Savvy service monitors and manages your online reputation, responding to feedback and reviews in a way that showcases your brand's values and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Targeted Marketing is a strategic approach to reach specific audiences with precision. It includes Geofence Marketing, creating virtual perimeters for location-specific ads; Site and Search Retargeting, using online behavior to serve relevant ads to potential customers; Addressable Marketing, delivering personalized ads to targeted devices; and Demographic and Behavioral Targeting, using data like age, income, and online habits to target ads to the right audience.

Creative Misfits Branding Solutions

Our Misfit Brand Craft service creates a consistent and memorable brand identity that reflects your business's personality and values. We work with you to develop a unique brand strategy that stands out in a crowded market, helping you attract and retain loyal customers.

Creative Misfits Email Marketing Services

Our Misfit Mailer service delivers personalized and relevant email campaigns that capture your audience's attention and drive engagement. We develop custom email strategies that align with your brand's personality and business goals, helping you build long-term relationships with your subscribers.

Creative Misfits - A Creative Agency Designed to Help Build Your Brand
Creative Misfits - A Creative Agency Designed to Help Build Your Brand


What People Say About Us
Commuz is a great decision for those who are familiar with complex financial and taxation issues. These guys not only helped me to resolve mine, but also showed me some directions how I can develop and expand my business. Thank you, Commuz!
Stacey Pickering
Product Manager
I just needed a fresh view on my selling business. I didn’t see which steps I should have taken to increase my sales. Commuz experts have made a detailed analysis and plan for my business and now I have two shops!
Mary Scott
Founder & CEO
I’m very satisfied with Commuz work! Their consultancy service is great. I needed some help how to deal with taxes and accounting as I am not a financial expert. Commuz made a great job and I will definitely come up to them again!
Mark Scott
Founder & CEO

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